Off to the Races at a Saratoga Wedding

The beautiful and picturesque town of Saratoga has long been a retreat for health and sports with its mineral springs and horse racing in August. FDR had come there for the baths suffering with polio. In fact, the venue for the wedding I officiated was located inside 2000 acres of parkland dedicated during FDR’s term in office for the public to hike, camp, picnic and enjoy nature.

The rehearsal dinner was held at the track but it was only July.  What was this about?  I learned that the trotters run in July preparatory to the season opening.  How exciting to have this wonderful buffet trackside and watch beautiful horses round the bend.

The next day dawned bright and sunny and was one of the many heat wave days July brought us this summer.  But a 5pm start and lots of Saratoga water in blue bottles did the trick for the guests. I co-officiated with a local minister after working with him and the couple to write the service over a number of months.  It went off lovingly.

A visit to Saratoga is not complete without a tour of the baths.  The local bus driver drove a number of us around who were staying at the hotel and we saw and tasted the mineral waters. Then we saw the spa/bath facilities that are booked weeks ahead. Refreshed spiritually and physically and with a few dollars still in my pocket I returned to NYC.

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