Rabbi Gloria is a loving and vibrant person who believes that the happiness of the people she works with is vitally important. Couples married by Rabbi Gloria talk about her open mind and heart.

Bringing great enthusiasm and compassion to all she does, Rabbi Gloria creates a positive energy for those she encounters and always takes the extra time to consider the thoughts and dreams of the participants..

Interfaith marriages: Unlike many Rabbis, Rabbi Gloria enjoys working with co-officiants, be they Catholic, Methodist, Protestant or of any other denomination.  Interfaith couples wish their own individual faith to be represented, but often struggle to find a Rabbi who will work with a co-officiant in this way. Rabbi Gloria is known for her ability to create seamless ceremonies that represent both faiths, with both officiants working in harmony.  See the Interfaith Wedding page

Destination Weddings: A highly sought after wedding and baby-naming officiant, she primarily creates ceremonies in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. But, more and more she has realized that it is hard to find co-officiants for weddings in areas further from this home base. In recent years, Rabbi Gloria has travelled to Rhode Island, Cleveland, Turks and Caicos, even Lake Como in Italy for wonderful Jewish or Interfaith ceremonies. See the Destination Wedding page

Rabbi Gloria also conducts Baby-Naming ceremonies. Naming is a way the Jewish people have of linking the past, present, and future, as a name of the child is taken from a deceased relative.  It is the true realization of L’Dor va ‘Dor, which means “From generation to generation.” These are warm, traditional services with all family members participating, including reciting short prayers and lovely blessings. These ceremonies are rewarding, life-affirming moments for the new family.

Rabbi Gloria Milner
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A loving and vibrant person, Rabbi Gloria creates positive energy for everyone she encounters. Whether creating Jewish or interfaith weddings, or conducting baby-naming ceremonies, she takes the extra time to consider the thoughts and dreams of the participants. Her clients feel she is part of their family! GloriaMilner@gmail.com