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About Rabbi Gloria

Rabbi Gloria is a loving and vibrant person who believes that the spiritual health and happiness of people is vitally important. The enthusiasm and compassion she brings creates an atmosphere of positive energy for everyone she encounters. Her independent thinking embraces people from all walks of life and expands her ability to meet and fulfill the needs and desires of those who seek her counsel.
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It’s not only wonderful how you have brought Brides and Grooms together, but you have also brought family’s together and promoted understanding between cultures and religions.

- Stuart

We just cannot thank you enough for the wonderful ceremony you performed for our wedding. We are so happy that the ceremony truly captured OUR idea of a meaningful wedding.

- Rachel and Chad

Ben and I want to thank you for all of the time, help and preparation you have given us. I got numerous compliments that day and it is all due to your careful crafting and blending of new and old Jewish traditions.

- Ben and Sarah

Dear Gloria Thank you for all your help and for performing such a lovely and memorable service

- Viv and Zach

So many guests remarked afterwards, “You had the coolest Rabbi ever!” Rabbi Gloria is a special person and a magnificent officiant with great warmth, passion, and heart.

- Rebecca and Antony Konidaris