A 1st Birthday Baby Naming

baby naming 2A couple called me, last winter, to plan a baby naming for their beautiful, one-year-old daughter, Ava.   The mother hailed from sunny California and had converted to Judaism.  Her husband had been raised in a Jewish home and wanted to perpetuate the religion for his kids.
We met at my apartment in NYC and I learned about their lives, past and present, as parents. He lived within ten minutes of his job and could come home for lunch to be with his kids.  A true modem father.   She seemed to handle both children effortlessly in a laid-back, warm, and empowering manner. 
baby naming 1st birthdayThe service included the grandparents reciting short prayers and lovely blessings. I led  a group of 40 people present in their living room in Hine Ma Tov . The English translation is  “How good and pleasing if people could sit together in unity.”  We joined hands and all sang it together.
I explained that naming is a way the Jewish people have of linking the past,, present, and future, as a name of the child is taken from a deceased relative.  It is the true realization of L’Dor va ‘Dor, which means “From generation to generation.” 
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